Dr. Ken Plaut’s Treatment of Migraine Headaches

Dr. Ken Plaut'sI’m doctor can flout. Talked about migraine headaches a something have a great passion for as well as your normal everyday headaches. To understand what i do to help up restore you back to health and get rid of those headaches with a look at the parts now the parts work. This a model other back to the skull. It has little round balls on it that’s it on the very first vertebrae that has caps. And it’s a sliding gliding joint and if it gets dark it irritates the there’s that come off your spinal cord from your brain they go to arteries to your brain in face. Arteries are made a muscles. These muscles are triple layered tombs with nerves in them. So when the scholars offset not moving correctly it’ll irritate the nerves to go to the muscles we call arteries and we’ll have altered blood supply to the brain. Now there’s a hole in the back ahead here right where the brain stem is and one other cranial nerves will come out there and it goes to your stomach. So will put it all together if the scholars asset and not sitting right whether it’s from birth sports you’re a kid you sleep in wrong you got a phone in your your texting away everything is in stock very typically. The pain will come over the top on the side that its stock into the face the fact other cranial nerves you can have pain in the eye for example. And that nerve that goes your stomach you have not see a it affect your vision. And when I do is a quadruple four-part adjustment as fast as you can cough in a very short distance to reset. Thus go back on to the spinal column on the first vertebrae. That’s how we get rid a migraine headaches. The frontal and we’re the had headaches her from the vertebrae the skull sits on it very typically will get stuck in rotation. And they will also irritate that muscle we call an artery but they will cause headaches the front and back. People with migraines the real severe ones that you end up in the hospital with the three in the morning for Demerara shot. You’re gonna have both. So what I do is make sureianalyze how the scholars setting how that first for a raise me make a series of Justin’s just minutes to are to correct that problem get ready there’s no reason to suffer with that. I’m especially talking to you people who have had MRI’s severe brain you been a pharmaceutical customer for years. Please come and see me and see if I can help you get rid of those headaches. And and there’s no reason to live that way. The last thing i’ll do when there’s a skull problem that causes migraines just checked the TMJ. It also will get are irritated as well. So it’s the whole skull an upper neck complex that causes the headaches when your health goes out call doctor clout.