Reduction of libido in men – the causes and methods of fighting

The causes and mechanism of reducing libido in men. The main and secondary symptoms of this pathology. Ways to eliminate dysfunction, the best folk remedies, medicines and dietary supplements for treatment.

Reducing libido in men – this is a fairly common problem, which can be both temporary and permanent. She does not know the age limits and significantly spoils the quality of sexual life, and sometimes even leads to its end. Such a pathology may well be the cause of divorce in some families, where the partner does not receive the necessary attention from the spouse.

The general characteristic of a decrease in libido

A libido is understood as a sexual desire or a sexual attraction to a man or woman, depending on the orientation. Translated from Latin, this concept means “lust” and “passion”. This term describes the manifestations of a person’s sexuality.

In one degree or another, libido is inherent in absolutely all men, its decrease can indicate sexual dysfunction. This phenomenon does not apply to andrological, psychological or any diseases, but is considered only a simple deviation from the norm. Nevertheless, it is considered as a pathology requiring correction.

libido in men

The desire for intimacy with another person can decrease in a man at absolutely any age, but the situation is more acute for people over 50 years old. Above all, the need for coitus in adolescents and young people under 30 years in the prime of life.

Despite the reduced libido, problems with erection may be long-term absent. The majority of patients retain normal potency, problems with getting an orgasm, ejaculation and the performance of reproductive function does not arise.

Note! With a persistent decrease in the desire for a partner, the need for self-satisfaction can still be maintained.


The main causes of decreased libido

Traditionally, they are divided into 3 types: psychological, physiological, associated with poor health, and household, which affect the environment and the relationship with the partner. In some cases, they can be combined, which significantly worsens the position of the man and complicates the treatment.

Let us describe below all possible causes of libido decline:

  • Low level of testosterone. The development of this hormone begins to decline in about 35-40 years. Every year, its reserves are reduced by 1-2%, which by the age of 70 often leads to the development of acute androgen deficiency. That is why most men cease completely or to some extent be interested in the intimate side of life by the age of 50-60. If this cause occurs, then there is a high risk of irritability, a general weakness due to deterioration of hemoglobin and permanent migraine headaches.
  • Stress. In one form or another, it is present in the life of almost everyone, just not all pay special attention to it. As a result, men do not give themselves the necessary mental and physical rest, overexert, too much and actively working, suffer from insomnia. Folding into one puzzle, all this causes of libido declinesuppresses sexual attraction to another person.
  • Bad relationship with his wife or girlfriend. Constant quarrels and conflicts, misunderstandings and controversial situations in the relationship all combine to create a rather dangerous situation. In this case, a high libido in a man can and persist, but not in relation to his regular partner. That is, it still easily achieves the desired excitement, for example, when viewing erotic films or photographs, but absolutely does not want physical intimacy with another person.
  • Some diseases. In the first place, one should suspect hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes, obesity. Also, sexual desire dulls high cholesterol in the blood. But one of the most important reasons here is still prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland) or benign hyperplasia of this organ.
  • Hormonal disorders. Here we can consider the deficiency in the body of oxytocin, insulin, melatonin, dopamine, calcitonin. Very dangerous is an overabundance in the blood of prolactin, which is predominantly a female hormone. But here it is necessary to consider that its excessive accumulation can be caused both by banal stress, and by any serious diseases – kidney failure or hypothyroidism.

Even higher risk of reducing libido in those who have bad habits (smoking, alcohol abuse, taking drugs). It can also be dangerous for men who take antibiotics and antidepressants uncontrolled.

Factors that have a natural suppression of sexual desire, are long (more than a month) or too short breaks (twice a day) between sexual acts. As a result, the body is very tired, and its reserves are depleted, the ejaculate becomes smaller and the interest in intimate life, if not completely lost, then surely gradually fades.


The problem can be rooted deeply in childhood, as a result of a poor attitude towards the child’s parents or sexual harassment from adults. Negative affect Generic cialis the libido and psychological trauma of a sexual nature, caused, for example, by the inability to meet a partner during coitus.

The main symptoms of decreased libido

It is possible to suspect deviations from the decrease in the number of sexual acts, and the limitation of intercourse can occur very sharply. If, for example, before a man could calmly perform sexual intercourse more than once a day, then with a weak sexual desire it is hardly “enough” several times a week. Naturally, this results in dissatisfaction with the state of affairs on the part of the partner. In this case, the patient himself often does not realize the seriousness of the situation and does not understand the reasons for what is happening.

Manifestations of pathology are:

  1. Gipolidemia. This term means a partial loss of sexual desire. It is manifested in the fact that at the psychological level the man does not want to be intimate with the partner even when creating the conditions suitable for this (erotic situation, music, essential oils, etc.). In this case, most often this phenomenon is not due to any internal problems in the body, in medicine it may well be considered an independent sexual dysfunction.
  2. Alibidemia. Unlike gipolibidemii, this form of pathology is different in that a man completely loses interest in coitus. In this case, in most cases, there is a desire for self-gratification in order to get an orgasm. Thus, the need for any kind of pleasure in the intimate sphere of life disappears.
  3. Aversia. This is the most severe form and the last stage of sexual dysfunction, characterized by an extreme degree of rejection of intimate relationships with other people. In this case, the patient almost always produces not just indifference, but a strong aversion to sexual intercourse. As a result, he can safely exist without him, but at the same time, a mandatory refusal of self-satisfaction usually; does not follow. With an aversion, a man experiences negative emotions at the mere thought of coitus, and before sexual activity he usually experiences anxiety and panic. This condition is most often associated with any organic disorders in the body (for example, an extremely low level of testosterone).

reducing libido in men

Depending on the reasons for the disappearance of sexual desire, the patient can be observed fat on the buttocks and thighs, excessive vegetation or, conversely, the lack of hair on his chest, arms, armpits. Among other secondary signs, one can distinguish the change in the timbre of the voice, which becomes higher, as well as tremor and nausea. Typical symptoms of decreased libido in men are dizziness, excessive sweating, loose stools, palpitations. 

Features of treatment of decreased libido

If this dysfunction is of psychological origin, then the main emphasis should be on working with the appropriate specialist. First of all, you need to eliminate all the complexes associated with a negative attitude to sexual life. For this, you may need to undergo 5 to 10 sessions with a therapist and sexologist.

Medicines with a decrease in libido

The most popular pharmacy means Viagra. Initially, these pills were intended for men who are not able to achieve normal erection and support it for the successful completion of coitus.

The main effect of Viagra is to improve blood flow in the pelvic organs, but with the normalization of these processes, there is simultaneous psychological arousal. This effect is possible due to the presence of the biologically active component sildenafil. To increase sexual desire, Viagra or its analogs (Alti-Met, Adamax-50, Vekta) need to drink at least 10 days for 1 table. per day.

Another, no less effective drug is Cialis (analogues of Ap-Great and Erectadyl), where the active substance is tadalafil. For daily intake for two weeks, the daily dose of these tablets is 5 mg, you need to drink them at about the same time.

Instead of Viagra and Cialis, you can recommend Impaza (analogues of Vekta and Viafil), registered as a homeopathic drug. One of the indications for its reception is just a decrease in libido. To increase sexual desire, it is necessary to take a course of 12 weeks, taking 1-2 tablets. in a day, six months later it can be repeated.

If a low level of testosterone is detected, the patient may be prescribed drugs based on it. Of those that are administered intramuscularly, you can advise injection solution Sustanon 250 or Omnadren, which need to be used once a week.

If we talk about tablets containing this hormone, then the best is Andriol , which has no analogues. For a natural stimulation of testosterone production, Parity, which can be replaced by Vitryx, is suitable.