Understanding Migraine and Its Symptoms

migraine symptoms28  million people in the United States alone suffer from migraines. There’s no cure for the sickness but it can be treated and in some cases prevented. Doctor Richard written board. Who is a neurologist with Somerset Medical Center. It here with information I’m battling the attacks. Thank you so much for being here doctor written word. Thank you for having me. I think there’s a lot of confusion out there. When we say migraines but the confusion between. What’s a migraine and what the headache and how do they differ. Well are all migraines are headaches but not all headaches or migraines. A migraine has a fairly formal definition according to the standard the International Headache Society but from a lay person’s perspective you typically you’re looking at a severe throbbing headache. Often associated with the nausea you sick to your stomach. Warm a you may have sensitivity to light noise a and it’s the headache to put your friend in a cold dark room. Amante de suffers from migraine headaches and she’s been points where and. It’s something that I’m interested in knowing because she’s got beyond the headache things some things that you were on men she sometimes has come for dinner so. I can also and I light that flashes in front for I it’s and those are all symptoms and I know there’s more that also differentiate a migraine from headache. Well when people use the term headache most to them are referring to what would be diagnosed as tension-type headache. I’ll and probably 85 percent of people have this. Mild dole headache often coming on at the end of the day. The difficult to diagnose a migraine. Yes and no okay the problem is is that the the characteristic symptoms are pretty straightforward. Then there’s always this little caviar. Warning that you have to exclude underlying conditions. I’m the or are potentially serious. Now if you had the same headache war 10 to 15 years it is unlikely that this represents anything terrible. Wooden but you know a lot about your a few weeks or a few months the you could easily be something that’s much more serious. You know I’m thinking there’s probably someone at home right now who’s going  you know that sounds like me. I’ve had these patterns changed is debilitating for me. And it’s important to go to the doctor how can they prepare for that doctors visit often people think about. How much disrupted their life. You know sure the price they paid in terms that disrupted plans a interfered with relationships a compromise work situation. Sure what your doc needs is concrete information. Where the zipper I what does it feel like how does it change how long does it last how often is that home. And a specific as you can be you know where does it hurt to be able to reference exactly where the pain is radiating from how long does that last as close as possible to know you know one hour 15 minutes three hours. That that type of thing i’ll be helpful for the doctor. In there’s always the temptation and I do this to you when you finally have something that’s got here attention enough that. You go to the doc you tell me about the last two things you had. And the not given the pattern up how this is existed over the last the your two or three. Because I their triggers i’ve heard that there can be where it’s not that there’s migraine triggers out the world. Whether a whole host of things that the cause a some people with migraine to have haddock more frequently. All and they range from foods the notoriously alcohol ruled preserved meats where theirnitrates. A some people have psycho-social stressful related headache though have headaches sometimes withthe on service stress. Sure a they’re coming up on an exam and they get a headache. Sometimes they have let down Hicks after all the excitement over. Now if I’m suffering from symptoms or someone home right now suffering from symptoms. Are their treatments available today. That’s a bit on where you are in the context to the heck. So a bitch just starting. They were group with drugs that have been available over the last or 15 years or so generically called the trip down switcher pretty marvelous. And the the trip tens okay. And then a pain reliever or. Actually no the nice thing about this is that goes directly at one of the mechanisms and migraine. It goes up %uh the serotonergic nervous system serotonin is one of those no chemicals that allows one nerve cell to talk to another. Room and the goes right out the target without giving you all the side effects pain medication. Out really. So there are options any whether treatment sorry said it the headache coming on is there anything preventative for migraines right now. A prevention is less important because the Pretender so good. II a there are a variety of medications that have been actually develop for other purposes. Him some other blood pressure medication some other antidepressants. And we’ve discovered one of their side effects is the alleviation of migrants. And what happens is that you interesting given to the person the who has the primary issue and then they come back and say oh by the way. Yeah you know I haven’t had my headaches. I’ll there was a you gonna study at the aspen in middle age male physicians. One and they discovered that the an aspirin a day decreased the the self reported incidents a migraine among these people. Are carey is here because I know we’re almost at a time is just remember that um. Its okay there is a difference you migraine headache track the symptoms that you’re having make sure you write it down bring a history to your doctor don’t be afraid to go to your doctor and that there are treatments available. Today either one you’re getting a headache or to be able to avoicertain triggers. Doctor when we thank you so much for being here they appreciate. It you’re welcome pain P A.

Migraine Headache Recovery Video

migraine recoveryHello.  Minutes after you only wanted and the grad. I’m a graduate of the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport ou.r and the board eligible chiropractic neurologist with over 300 hours a postgraduate urology through the world-renowned carry Institute in Atlanta Georgia. Also have in excess 150 postgraduate hours and functional medicine and metabolic testing for a pic energetic. These classes include partial endocrinology popular word chemistry euro transmitters in the brain and mastering the thyroid. As a member doctor Michael job urology group I confer with over 500 doctor cases chronically ill patients. Doctor jonathan is the author what to do the medicaid don’t work and non-drug treatment dizziness migraine headache fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions. I have been in private practice in carthage Mississippi 2004. Your watching this video because you or someone you love suffer from migraine headache. I want to know that headache are not normal. They refund something is wrong. Your body is designed to be free of pain. Feeling good is the normal state. Feeling the throbbing pounding pain in your school that won’t go away not normal. Neither is the nauseous feeling that comes whenever you go out on a sunny day are you see bright light while awake at night praying your headache will disappear feeling and looking miserable irritable in older than you really are. And then there’s the pressure here knowing that your family and friends don’t understand what you’re going through. So if you are one of the millions of Americans who suffer from annoying pestering mind-numbing headache them please keep listening because if you are about to discover headache are not normal. When I discover that one in six Americans are chronic headache victim and nearly fell out of my chair. Couldn’t believe that so many Americans suffer day in and day out when they really don’t have to anymore. And chances are neither do you. That’s why I’m decided to step forward and produces simple yet informative video. So please for your own sake carefully with and everywhere in this video. It may be the most important method you ever hear. Okay let’s get started. If you really want to get rid of your headache and start living a normal life in a short period of time then you need to first be aware 5 had a truly misconception. The first misconception is that over-the-counter medication to treat because your head. It’s almost criminally drug companies are hiring from you effect it had a truly don’t actually target their ok all have your headache. Here’s the real deal the field cover up your headache simply disabling your brain’s ability to feel your headache. That’s why your headache coming back when the field where i’ll. If you broke your leg adjusted feel so that you don’t have to feel the pain. Pain would come back when the pill for all. If these drug actually treated the real cause of your headache and should your headache go away permanently. Yet they should but they don’t. The field only sweep your pain under the road. The real causing your headache remained untreated in that’s fine you keep suffering. Second misconception is that headache medication can harm you. One thing many headache suffers don’t know is that the peel that they take ur not a hundred percent say. In fact a lot scientific he makes very for worth the headache you’re trying to cover up. That a picture sometime

Not work to meet with four hours early from your headache. You see the way they feel disable your ability to feel a headache by disabling a little hormone in your body. That act like a messenger to your brain. Of course our bodies be in the house ATM machines they are have figured out how to use the hormones for more than more jobs than one. So if you disable the hormone from just doing one job you also not do all the other jobs in your body. In this can lead to all sorts of problems. You can get something as minor as a rash are you can have a certain never failure kidney problems. Even aspirin has been linked to their deadly hemorrhagic stroke. And it gets worse you think the more often you take these medications the more your risk with Kara. Also medication seldom increase your body’s ability to respond to stress appropriately and it usually decreases your body’s natural ability to fight disease. In the third misconception headache go away on their own. Tony Robbins has a saying the definition everything insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results. If you truly want to get rid of your headache when you’re going to have to try something different. Something naturally hopefully drug-free equally important something that is proven to work. Obviously you would have requested this freebie be the if you are concerned about your headache. So please for your sake don’t drop the ball and not take action. The fort misconception is that all doctors know how to treat headache. There’s a saying that goes something like this: if you’re a hammer are you see is nail. Hammers hit nail in the prescribe medication. Expecting a different approach from your medical doctor only disappointment. That one sharing that information to help headache suffers like you. There before we go any further let me stress to you that there’s a place for medication but more importantly the caller the problem must be undignified. The wrong diagnosis will lead to their own care. And if your doctor’s treatment sale you’re probably get even stronger medication are in an extreme case your doctor will recommend surgery. Personally I think their town from surgery the only option in terms of headache their natural alternatives that of the work a lot better without the risk associated with invasive treatment. In fact if you’re you really want great results without all the risks drug doesn’t make sense to try a natural solution for. In the fifth misconception is your problem is always wear your pain. Even though you may be feeling your headache in your sinuses are on the top of your head that doesn’t necessarily mean that is for the call the problem is located. Printed people with this problem in their lower back well often feel pain numbness are witnessing their legs even if there’s nothing physically wrong with erlich. Them good 10 I have headache. Well their three-part your brain stem which include the upper which is called the movement that Juan middle known as the pawn in the lower which is known as the medulla. Normally your brain fart lower part of the brain stem which is the part pronto mejor area which slows down the upper brainstem which is the myth means up on. But when the lower brainstem failed to receive ample the firing from the brain. It failed that fail slow down the upper brainstem. When that happens lookout you’ve got a headache. There are any nerves in your head but their nerve Manish around the globe when the upper brainstem over par it causes the blood vessel. In your brain to constrict and Ali very rapidly. This irritated nerve Misha rounding those wonderful and that’s why you have a headache. I don’t care being diagnosed with cluster migraine survey code unique or whatever name they have a test your headache to correct the problem we have to slow down the over far the upper brainstem. Let’s back up a minute. Perhaps you’re warned wondering at this point halim upper brainstem start over park on my headache. I will give you an answer in one simple word. Strip. Physical chemical and/or emotional stress causes the brain to decrease it far into the lower brainstem. It could have been physical stress like a blow to the head in a car accident chemical stress that junk food or tobacco are emotional stress if your job relationship are you find it. But whatever the structure was in the path you have headache now. The good news is that we know how to fix the problem. How do we think headache. Number one we use oxygen your brain and nervous system need to think to survive you an activation. Feel comes in the form of glucose and oxygen. We get the glucose from food but and we aid our ability to you you on oxygen decreases. Scientists call with oxidative phosphorylation. Of for the nation of you can help increase firing important in your brain. If necessary we run a CBC with differential. I mean a complete metabolic panel to determine your metabolic Hill. And if necessary we use all natural supplementation specifically targeted for your body to provide you with it essential nutrients which is necessary to eliminate headache. And number two thing we do we use unilateral adjusting. Everyone at her that the right brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa. We only want to just you I thought opposite the decrease brain farting. How do we determine which size not I’m properly. We do a thorough examination to fund the problem. Number three we may use other their such as auditory stimulation which is within 2 found in one ear olfactory stimulation with milling differences like peppermint a close electrical stimulation super antioxidant goodbye on or heat. The choice that there P depends on what shows up on your examination. So if you’re tired of dealing with a migraine headache and you are worried about it getting worse it fill out the information to your right now within you free DVD that will show you how we treat our patients your logically and metabolically. We will leave no stone unturned to determine the exact called your condition.