Headache,Migraine & Eye strains: What2Do

Eye migraineDoctor  I have come for a second opinion. I have headache although I have perfect vision in both eyes. My eye specialist has prescribed me ciao since: is it not a crazy advice. It is meant that I glasses are required to improve the vision only. It can be prescribed to treat other eye conditions like headache. I strains and squint in spite of good vision. What is detailed I examinations can I Drive back my car to my house after such tests. Is it mandatory to do said. Detailed eye examinations include north of the checkup dilation love your eyes with cyclo bleeding eyedrops to do fun discovery and Reggie NASCAR be. Your vision will be disturbed for 6-8 hours. You better keep one attendance old up here she can drive you back to your house. Yes it is mandatory to have such test if you want proper checkup. Computerized test are not good. Do I need to show neurologist for my complaintsheadache. Neurologist help is not required in majority up cases have had a cop first instance. Rather you can consult mural of Bala just instead. What is this. Near a while al Mulla just is a specialist who has a special kind of training from reputed institute of higher studies. They can diagnose and treat diseases affecting my eyes and brain both well.