How to beat Migraine, Fibromyalgia, swallowing problems! Living well with chiropractic care!

Fibromyalgia and migrainesI  a pearl. Hi Bob how are you. Good thank you. Good. This is your opportunity April. So tell us your chiropractic story about what’s going on today. Well when I first started to come see bob I could noti was in so much pain he was in pain medication concisely migraines and less now after 16 weeks. I am have much less pain unless medication on him to headaches. From sixteen weeks .and 16 weeks. I’m an inch taller. Who found that my family doctor. And he had to measure me three times and or issue realize that yes I was in fact an inch taller. And now I am and able to swallow food better than what I just before. That some that’s that’s amazing. Your thought their talk with your legs too so your you had something going on that you couldn’t Walker wear shoes are likes you guys really sexy look. And that’s where I had to wear flats all the time. Boring. Boring because I love I suffer from fibromyalgia. So I would have concept burning can sanibel paint on my feet and that his dissipate it so much that. I’m able to wear my shoes. Are you saying the chiropractic adjustments if cure the incurable. I I’d say I’m tune pretty good. Thanks to doctor Baba and his knowledge that yes. I packed it does help. And that’s because that we both know that you have more life force and I. I exactly thrilled to work with you watched this process it will. Thanks so much for sharing today. You very welcome. Both we’ll see on Monday you next time. But by.