Dr. Mohammad Daaif Explains Hemiplegic Migraines on KTHV

hemiplegic migraineWelcome  back. Numbness slurred speech confusion. Just a few symptoms thatdescribe a stroke but they can also describe something else. Teach me eleven Shelby Daniels and sheds light on a little-known disorder for this month’s in the red. It’s a condition that leaves you feeling hopeless. I cant you know actually Walker harming talker even think growing. And it only affects one in 10,000 people. An American the mare and my face lot different I catch suffered a stroke. But it’s not a stroke. It’s different from the stroke because it’s a it is transient doesn’t leave any permanent damage on the brainits. Call him a plea chick migraine. Might be something going on on the left side of the brain. Doctor Mohammad I eat studies a wide range inner logic problems but the hemiplegic migraine that lack sufficient understanding

But enough to understand factors that could make it worse. High blood pressure and diabetes they have high cholesterol the small if they’re on estrogen hormones does the need to be controlled. Unlike strokes him which migraines can be traced back to sensory triggers such as the site founders smell that causes a disturbance in the brain. Everybody is no stranger to help me get my green. She suffered with them and she was a teenager but it’s now that she has a family to take care of because is even greater concern. She knows from mommy’s not feeling good. This settle down humor hasn’t found any successful treatment but she doesn’t know the warning signs. Head pains star have our get can now shares. The other stuff strut kick in and out the process vision hearing problems speech problem Afghan Iraq way back and we drive in mind that happens that was almost an accident price. Beemer still looking for answers but she’s found solace and support groups like the hippie chick my green foundation. Above all it’s important to note that my greens alone have not been proven to lead to stroke. But they may be one factor that increases your risk. Shelby denouncing teach me eleven News okay if. You’re not sure what’s causing your migraines other common triggers include stress food allergies sleep deprivation. Then doctor diane also recommend looking into your family history and keeping a journal up your symptoms to show to your doctor.